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The HealMobile Driver

Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid, M.S., Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Breathologist, Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, Certified Basic Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Life Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist, Ordained Minister-Practitioner; Retired Fundraiser and Black Studies Instructor

My name is Niamo Nancy Muid, and I am the facilitator of services provided by The HealMobile. (Click “About” above to read the HealMobile overview.) 

niamo-2016-picMy main contribution to personal health is Reiki, also known as African Hand Healing, ra sekhi or energy healing. For groups, I facilitate the healing, growth and development of leaders. I use essential oils in all of my healing work, if desired and agreed upon.

As a submitter to the Creator, I expect the unexpected. My vision is Joy in the hearts. People dancing in the streets.

I’m the first to dance at a gathering if I like the music, and I believe dreams can come true if we can be grateful for what IS while awake. Inspiring others is very important to me. I love to read, write, “do” music and art, and think creatively as much as I can.


My background includes a master’s of science in planning and my undergraduate studies were in art and communications. I am also an ordained minister-practitioner; nondenominational, ecumenical, universal.

My congregation is United Submitters International and I’ve recently completed Nine Principles for Loving Living based on the 1400-year old sacred prayer recited by Submitters around the globe.*

I am loving living the International Black Summit’s 2016-2017 inquiry: “As I embrace all aspects of myself, including rage and fear, what is available for the transformation of the universe?”  What is, indeed?  I think, more love.


Among my most enlightening experiences are those that led me to certification in holistic health services, including life and health coaching. This, and many organizations and movements profoundly influenced my spiritual growth and healing. My role models include tree-planter and Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai and Royal Crown Diamond Frances Fuller who opened up Asia for Young Living Essential Oils company.

Healing, and the health-wellness-wealth paradigm, have been in my bones for a long time. In the 70s I sold Niamo’s Honey Money — 5-lb. jugs of organic honey– when I was a member of the now well-known Park Slope Food Co-Op in Brooklyn, NY.

I was a wholesaler with Amway, Sunrider, Multi-Pure Water Purifiers, Shaklee, and Gano Excel. Now I teach how to use my main product, essential oils, and market Young Living oils and products.


Along with Shniamo-cruise-photo08-enhancedakira Abdul Ali, I am co-author of a booklet, Removing Post Traumatic Slave [Stress] Syndrome Using Essential Oils.

The booklet describes how the U.S.A.’s system of chattel slavery has constricted and stressed the behaviors and health of millions of the descendants of Africans who were enslaved. (Slavery also afflicts the master who becomes a slave to this social sickness.)

We are passionate about helping people adopt holistic habits to cope with the health consequences of ostracism and racism wherever they occur.  (Becoming certified in Aroma Freedom Technique this fall is the next level of our participation in Removing Post Traumatic Slave/Master Syndrome.)

“Everyone deserves a life marked by joyful health, relief and peace, and to reside in a blameless, fulfilling environment.”

This is the message I want to drive home through the activities and services of The HealMobile.


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*Visit 9principlesbooks.com to learn why I wrote Nine Principles, or 9principles.org to read excerpts.



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