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About the Vehicle

In Motion? Might as well be healthy and healing!

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The HealMobile idea, as a vehicle for transformation, came to me during a fast over 12 years ago. A vehicle transports people or goods as a conveyance or motor vehicle.  A vehicle is also used to express, embody, or fulfill something, such as a vehicle for the communication of original ideas.

Both meanings apply. The HealMobile transports people from one place to another, and embodies the idea of original people always communicating and in motion, and therefore always healing.

The HealMobile refuels by renewing energy (Reiki), and using Aroma Freedom Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique as tools for personal liberation and health. The method of delivery may be coaching, one-on-ones, or teaching.

It’s all, So the people can LIVE, as the Lakota Sioux say. It is a blessing to joyfully do fulfilling work in good health.

The HealMobile seeks to fulfill people’s quest for joy on the journey of their lives.

The HealMobile helps people to move themselves closer to their original purpose, good health, and value. 

Taking people for a HealMobile ride fulfills me.

I target Baby Boomers and thought leaders who give of their time and energy for the greater good.

Aging Baby Boomers embrace the responsibility inherent in being born. Many are now sages and imparting their wisdom to children and grandchildren. This activity could use the support of The HealMobile.

 Thought leaders of all generations envision a new world of peace and respect, and hope to make it possible.

I’ve been riding shotgun with both groups, and I know we do not rest and recoup enough to maintain optimum health.

This is why The HealMobile exists — to help you clear The Path for your ultimate life journey, and to help you ease The Way so that it is smooth.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid, HealMobile Driver (learn more about me)


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