Health Equipment
& Assessment Technolog
is Increasingly Holistic

There is a lot of holistic health equipment available to you that you can use to sustain, monitor and improve your good health. These tools can help you and your family increase your knowledge about what you are feeling, how you can be sure, and simple ways to adjust your well-being upward.


Protective jewelry is available that is magnetic, crystal-powered or charged, and in other ways reviving or energy-enhancing. In terms of polarity, that is, the tendency of living organisms to develop distinct upper and lower or opposing aspects, there are bracelets, necklaces and other wearable items that can help the body adjust to the imbalances caused by radiation. For protection against excessive radiation, there is the Tesla Shield and health equipment line based on the principles advanced by Nikolas Tesla. The basic product comes in two forms, one is a healing canister that you can hold and carry; another is a necklace pendent. Both are designed to increase personal strength and protect against radiation. I will gather a few more of these specialized pieces of jewelry that can help bring more balance to your body-mind, and share them as they are collected and reviewed.


You may have heard that there are personal biofeedback machines that you can use at home to learn to monitor your health. The newest versions are capable of reading vast indices within the body, from blood type to food allergies, just by attaching a few electrodes to the body. They even read toxic levels and stress points in the body-mind. More information is available and will be posted soon.

In addition, Young Living Essential Oil enthusiasts have devised a machine, a personal piece of health equipment called Zyto Compass, that reads the palm of the hand and tells you which oils and oil-based products are needed.

There are also foot bath machines that combine biofeedback principles with water's ability to conduct information and deliver healing pulsation, such that you not only learn how toxic you are because of the discoloration of the foot bath, you begin to feel much better after several applications.


We could focus on more simple items like a dedicated mat to practice yoga or a dedicated rug on which to pray or meditate. These are among the tools that many people are finding indispensable. As you slowly change your daily habits from automatic ones to more holistic and reverent ones, certain items will seem more in keeping with your new perspective.


You have certainly used a thermometer on yourself or loved ones to assess the fever that is obvious by the touch of your hand. You have the natural ability to assess the state of your health, and whether it is stressed or not. You may know your pressure is up, because of how you are breathing, but blood pressure is a bit harder to assess than high temperature. This is why there are many personal blood pressure monitors on the market, and one of them could be a good investment if you are hypertensive.

DON'T FORGET, as pointed out elsewhere on this site, therapeutic grade ylang ylang has proved to lower blood pressure that is too high in many people. (Lifestyle changes are often in order and this is not meant to prescribe or diagnose. Again, see a medical or alternative health doctor for a long-standing condition.)


In the kitchen and for the whole house, you may want to purify the water you drink and that comes into contact with your skin. I hear Young Living has a whole house system that is excellent. Similarly, purifying the air of toxins can be achieved by purchasing room air purification systems or ones that circulate purified or filtered air through the entire house through the vents. See a few of these products by clicking on links below. Finally, and more simply, use oil diffusers and diffusing products to change the particulate matter floating in the air to a much more human-friendly state. Thieves spray and products, manufactured and tested by Young Living, have been shown in university studies to reduce air-borne microorganisms by 98%.


Another way to charge the air is with the sound of music, specifically wind chimes. Chimes change the energetic frequency of the environment in a modulated, inspired way that the body-mind-spirit can readily accept. Place a set of chimes inside and out in a secure fashion, so when the wind blows the qi (powerful pranic energy) wafts throughout your abode, traveling on the sound. Chimes have a beneficial effect on children and the elderly who are often much more in tune with their surroundings. Their music has a winding down effect for those who are busier.

Water chimes or water features also have a calming effect and, though more expensive than chimes, usually cost very little to run. The sound of gurgling water, humidity in the air, and the increase in negative ions caused by the water's condensation just plain helps to drop the shoulders and remove your excess stress. I keep a simple water feature in my reiki room, and the market for them now includes the simple as well as the elaborate, sculptural types with lighting and small ducts to insert essential oils for natural diffusing.


Diffusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the main product line of The HealMobile, therapeutic essential oils. Small clay ones available in craft stores may do the trick for the budget conscious, and as you are able to save and build cash, the forced-air types, costing maybe three times as much, may be the better choice. You will need to experiment to see which types work best for you. Young Living offers a 50% coupon off of its $99 brand, but this is only available if you purchase the Start Living Kit, the wholesale kit, for $40.

All of the above minimize the symptoms and signs of stress, reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, and provide relief for many forms of depression. I will insert testimonials to this effect as they are collated. I will also provide photos, links and partners from whom you can purchase items that are in keeping with these themes.

Combining the equipment and tools suggestions with essences of oils and an awareness of your whole self's needs for growth and healing, you are well on your way to "holy" health and the innate happiness that is your birthright.