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Learn How To Give REIKI

The way to learn REIKI is to surrender yourself to the universal healing /spiritual healing energy.

REIKI is the energy of which the human being and natural things we see in the world is made. It is also the energy that is responsible for and permeates  the unseen, invisible and powerful aspects of the Milky Way, star systems and galaxies beyond known space.

This is what we tap into when we learn REIKI, and it is to this energy that attunement is made. This process is also known as initiation by some teachers.

If understood as the human’s first technology, a simple system of spiritual engineering practiced by ancient cultures, then REIKI’s contribution to daily life without encumbering religious or spiritual beliefs will be easy to implement and enjoy.

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24-Hour Intensive Reiki 1 & 2 Attunement: 

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This Reiki I & II Attunement Intensive Training Class includes two additional training sessions, to be conducted online. Participants also receive one life and health coaching session, which may be via Skype, Zoom or in person, OR a bioenergetic health assessment at no extra cost.


Pricing/Energy Exchange 

For REIKI 1&2 – $340. Save $20 by prepaying a week before the event.

For next class details see the Service Details page or click here to register and see details.

Got Reiki?

REIKI 1 upgrade to REIKI 2 is available.

For practitioners new to The HealMobile, upgrade to REIKI 2 is $180.

For returning HealMobile students, the upgrade is $128, a savings of 30%.

For Refresher Participation (if space permits), $80 per day

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  • Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ryogo, including history
  • Seichem, SKHM techniques
  • Anointing for Spiritual Support
  • Healing Touch Perspectives and Techniques
  • Sufi REIKI Perspectives and Techniques
  • All-Love and Rainbow Healing System
  • Vibration, Frequency and Resonation
  • African and Kmetian Cultural Perspectives
  • Chakra-Aura Cleansing Philosophy
  • New Jersey and National Laws Governing REIKI

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