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Reiki Service Details


The HealMobile offers Reiki with Niamo on a very flexible schedule. You may click the appointment button to book a session that suits you. 

Please download the Reiki Q&A information sheet (PDF) before your visit.

Primary Location of Service: THE SANCTUARY in Union, New Jersey 07083
Details provided when you make an appointment. Brooklyn and Harlem appointments also available.


1. 60-90 minute Reiki Session, $90-120

    1a. 15-20 minute Skype, Zoom or Online Session, $45 and up

    1b. 15-30 minute Distance Reiki Session, $25 and up 

2. Four (4)-Reiki Session Package deal, $360 prepaid. 

3. 60 min. Reiki Anointment,* $120

4. 60-90 min. Reiki Aura-Chakra Cleansing (Raindrop) Session,** $175

“Energy exchange” required; no one is turned away from service. Discounts for seniors, students, veterans and the unemployed.  Combination packages also available. All prepaid services qualify for gift of a book or metaphysical/bio-energetic reading.  Click here or text your email to schedule a session: (201) 966-1170.  

Why not learn to give yourself and your family and friends REIKI? Visit REIKI TRAINING page to find out how.

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*Anointments are Reiki sessions that include the use of Healing Touch techniques as well as aromatic essential oils as indicated or desired.

**Reiki Raindrop sessions combine the tranquility of Reiki with the therapeutic potential of the chakra-aura cleansing modality commonly known as Raindrop. Over ten essential oils are used. See this page for details.