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This book is a manual for students of energy medicine or energy healing, as well as an introduction for the curious reader to the resurgence of hand-healing in the West.  The book weaves together the Japanese emergence from isolation from Europe, the African sojourn in the U.S., and the author’s own story of exposure to universal life force spirituality (reiki) and how it contributes to good health.

This is my first book on the grandmother of holistic health alternatives that has spawned innovations and complementary approaches such as Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Touch for Health, Pranic Healing, and many more which are now offered at forward-thinking hospitals and clinics.

I describe the traditional system of Reiki taught and used by the founder and his earliest students. This foundation is expanded to show why now is the time every person should know Reiki. Illustrated and available in full color PDF or softcover form, the book includes chapters on the tools that may be used during a Reiki session — breathing techniques, chakras, crystals and symbols. Finally, I’ve included introductions to my three energy teachers, whose backgrounds shaped my understanding of the human being as an electrical being capable of a vast range of alternative medicine approaches. Reiki is the tip of the proverbial iceberg, which as we know is melting.

The book implores individuals, leaders, spiritual groups and organizations to advocate for, learn and spread the simple techniques of energetic hand-healing AKA energy massage. Reiki can help to keep all of our families and communities in the best of health, and decrease our dependency on the emergency room and the disease-centered medical and pharmacy systems. 

PRICING. I want to explain the price of the book, given its 131 pages. The $24.99 price was arrived at after reviewing the content and considering my teacher’s suggestion of $29.99. I felt this number was a bit too high.

There is much more than Reiki in the book. I provide instructional wisdom of the kind not available in other books, which is spiritually grounded in Abrahamic traditions and culturally situated within a West African radius and heritage. The reader is offered many techniques for centering themselves prior to engaging in Reiki. I introduce new information, references and resources that will expand the readers’ worldview and inspire interest in uncommon areas of health and history. The book addresses the reader’s mindset and speaks directly to the socioeconomic climate of the world today.

I have taught high school and college, and written spiritual and self-help books for metaphysically-inclined progressives. After I learned Reiki and began offering sessions, I decided to pen a balanced, African-centered energy medicine book that speaks to the audience I know. Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism  is superior to materials that do not broach  the geopolitical and cultural circumstances and spiritual assumptions  influencing the coming of Reiki. Also, I am comfortable speaking to the compassion required for healing self and others, and the declarative energy required for navigating “heavy” conversations (such as the history of enslavement). World citizens who are Reiki advocates display both!

I believe the price is quite right, since all students who learn Reiki from me get this book as part of their training. Any person who buys the book and wishes to learn more can consult with me at any time to explore taking next steps, no matter where they are in the world.

There is a 30-day, money back guarantee.