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The HealMobile is for

… the Determined Woman and Woman-Focused Man Who, Forced to Choose a Direction at A Serious Crossroads in Their Lives, Know It Is Time to Rechart Their Course, Get Back On Track and Be On Purpose. This is about mind-body-spiritual health. Let’s go there in a semi-long way ….

Why I do this. You may say, “There is so much to do and so little time.” But you also know this spin needs to be reversed. Maybe now is the time for you to change your direction, outlook, and lifestyle for daily success, but your beliefs are in the way. You cannot do projects you really care about because of demands on your time and your mind. 

My people, if you’re reading this I consider you a determined woman or woman-focused man. When I learned what it meant to be real with myself, determined to know ME, I dug deep and came up laser-focused. My two “Why’s” —for Why I do this work— will explain how it is possible to transform from a ball of confusion into an ever-Healing Motion Detector (heal-mobile), and ace your life. You can do it.

My Why #1. Gender. Wombman/man doesn’t matter; gender fluidity either. Man-centered patriarchy is in transition, and The Divine Feminine age has arrived. Instead of womb-centered value and genius, however, mainstream messages reduce woman-ness to an object—one to be consumed and one trained to always consume. 

The denial of womb-man-ness is harmful. It is maddening to hear of domestic violence, sex trafficking or child slavery, then watch young people who aspire to greatness abuse and exploit themselves. You too may be angry about the lack of respect women have to endure at work, in society and at home. 

You probably learned to suppress or subdue anger, as most of us have, and in so doing let a part of you die inside, whether you are a man or a woman. 

Turning your baggage into courage requires a knowing the essence of your imbalance. But it’s often hard to see and once you see it, hard to look closely and get your message. It took me years to realize my anger was a mirror of my inability to cope with my man-self.

My Why #2. Generational Trauma. This has already killed a part of you. I have stories of being ignored or called out of my name because of how I look, and I know you do too. Even worse stories of family members wounded, killed, incarcerated unfairly. The overlap of gender and trauma across generations of family members is tragic. 

For one difficult example, just take the black experience in the U.S. African women were raped to breed their master’s more slaves, yet insidious efforts to stop women from bearing children began in earnest after Emancipation in 1865, and have never ceased.  

On top of this, mental and physical slavery (think “prison complex”) continues at home and abroad. The sheer inhumanity and onslaught of bad news is exhausting. Of course you’d be both angry and saddened by loved ones’ efforts that are little more than being prayed-up in reaction mode. The prayers don’t seem to be answered! And the dream of equality and fairness seems farther away than it ever has been.

However, you must press on; you’ve inherited the mantle and it’s time to take the fight to the next level. You’ve got to do something, yet you’re so stressed in key areas of your life you can’t think straight. I feel you and innerstand. It took years for me to wholeheartedly commit to my people’s welfare, and identify energy healing as the engine for serving our blessed community. 

Why I started the HealMobile is to let you know you are not alone in your fight. My two Why’s of Gender and Generational Trauma have awakened me to finally, PEACEFULLY, accept my guidance to be a drink of cool water for you. 

Yes, you can be helped to gear up for a brighter tomorrow, despite oppression outside. Yes, You can get stronger to fight your enemy, and yes, it may be within you.

It is time to be intentional about your next steps. About whether you are ready, and how you “show up,” thrive, and drive yourself powerfully, or not. If not, limitations and confusion will deny you progressing at all, and you may “crash.” You have to master your personal energy to get back on track.

Your personal energy or guidance system (PGS) is a form of Global Positioning System —GPS— leading to freedom and contentment. I can help you connect and stay aligned with your PGS so that self-care is transformative and complete.

When your PGS— heart, mind and body— is in harmony with the multifaceted aspects of your brilliance, the universe aligns powerfully to support you. 

As the HealMobile “healing motion detector” AKA “energy metaphysician,” I help you identify and set up your PGS. To assess you energetically, I use Reiki (hands-off-or-on healing), Tapping and Aroma=therapy. I want you to feel empowered to maneuver and succeed, day-in and day-out, no matter what you confront. 

Your PGS has led you to this page. For reading this far, I offer you the chance to experience it at a deep discount. Experience the “Free Your Feelings” package of meetings to unconceal your energy make-up, and reveal how you can be empowered to move forward with ease. You can initiate your first, 3-visit FYF series for $199 (regularly $270). Click here to learn more and to start.

Towards higher frequencies of great health,

Rev. Niamo


Next to your heart, your personal energy is your greatest asset and it is what I’ll show you how to GROW. 


Remember, persistent traumatic “isms” are layered beneath —or on top of— your corporate ladder climb, vision of your own business, caretaking for parents or children, and tending to the congregation or organization.


You’ve got 100 eyes and 500 arms and you’re always a good neighbor and best friend. Really think about who is taking care of you. You cannot do it all and deserve some care and attention to your own needs. Finally.

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