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Category Archives: Poetry

Loving Sight Unseen Poem

It is this feeling of wealthy health that has me loving the ground you walk on.   If you knew writing me to love you would make it happen, would you play a song to play my heart?   I am not given to teaching a man how to treat me. I much prefer he learn who I […]

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Staying Home for Once–2 Recipes

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When blues skies are orange and dark and the prison of life is not the vote but the gravity this is when i want to stay home this is when i choose to stay home. It’s Sonnet Saturday, yet I didn’t get to pen a real poem, much less sonnet. This has been a home-bound, creative day. I […]

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Hoarding Old Stuff Poem

i have a feeling, and dream of life unfilled with stuff here’s what you can do to relieve pressure –but i bluff.   remove the waste in the refrigerator remove the waste in the incinerator –of your body.   everyone wants to reduce the carbon footprint everyone has learned from news media –and some schtick.   never […]

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Stress and the First Eye Poem

It’s her first eye she wants to cleanse of stress. Her all-seeing eye that knows of no duress.   She has three eyes one mouth; her two ears hone. Sound and scent her twin-eyes see her first eye knows. The power of each is slowed when weathered by life. When effort turns to work then turns to strife.   In touch, her crown of senses– hear taste smell […]

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