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June 2018 Reiki Training

image of Reiki training flyerTime to come and get Reiki Training … (Get PDF of flyer.)

… to support you in dealing with Real Life in the world today. Of course, Reiki training, like life, is what you make it — especially if you know how to create and use VERY STRONG INTENTIONS. (We teach this.)

Not everyone does. These ARE heavy times. We are talking about the climate of overt and sanctioned racism and generational and emotional trauma — not to mention family challenges and money pressures afflicting most people. When does it end?!

Reiki Training Is Just A Start (Register for 6/17/18 course here;

How do YOU handle what life throws at you? Are you meditating, praying, doing yoga or martial arts, engaging in mindfulness and spiritual rituals? Even if you are, consider adding REIKI LEVEL ONE to assist the steering of your healing-mobile in the best direction for you.

Please share the flyer.

Reasons to get Reiki training –19 of them– are listed in this post.

This post may also be of interest, while this page describes course content and cost.

Register for REIKI LEVEL ONE here. Text me to ask questions: 201-966-1170

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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