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Reiki Course Testimonial

It’s been six glorious days of daily Reiki practice (AND fasting from sugar)!  I do the entire body Reiki healing you showed us at the end of the training (on the video with William Lee Rand).

Courtesy Indiana practitioner

What I find most amazing is how the absence of sugar automatically cuts down other cravings for junk food in general!  And when I do eat chips, for example, they are not very tasty or satisfying, and the desire for other stuff is simply not there!
On Monday I began to do the whole body Reiki treatment on myself, daily, and included the application of Dr Shealy’s oils on the acupuncture points for weight loss.
I immediately felt a physical shift in my body from the Reiki healing after the first two days.  Every body part felt stronger, including my knees (and a rotator cuff pain/discomfort I’ve been feeling the past month or so).
[My knees: I saw the Orthopedist on Wednesday, and he said everything is everything; they don’t see anything critically urgent! No ‘torn menascus.’  It is what it is – with arthritis min
ute torn menascuses are common and can’t really be repaired.  If the pain gets severe we can talk surgery; otherwise what I experienced a couple of weeks ago was just a strain/sprain.  Down the line, I can opt to do steroidal injections if I want “more” pain management, he says.  I’ll be back on the Bikram yoga mat tomorrow.  Before my knee buckled on me and sent me to the ER 4 weeks ago, my knee pains are relatively mild.]
By day six (today),  I am amazed at the physical paradigm shift (and strength) I feel physically, emotionally (probably due to the absence of sugar) and spiritually.  And my knees feel markedly stronger.lady-getting-reiki
I will continue the daily Reiki healing and application of the oils on myself for the remainder of the 21-days (and give you weekly updates).
Thanks again Niamo, for the awesome training.
Herbalist and Author, Bronx, NY
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