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Your 7 Perfect Senses

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Last Day of KWANZAA: Habari Gani? — IMANI — (Faith) Habarigani! It makes sense — the perfection of you is your perfect senses. They are always working whether consciously controlled or not. You have faith your senses will always work for you. This same faith can apply to any area of your life. There are at least […]

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Stress and the First Eye Poem

It’s her first eye she wants to cleanse of stress. Her all-seeing eye that knows of no duress.   She has three eyes one mouth; her two ears hone. Sound and scent her twin-eyes see her first eye knows. The power of each is slowed when weathered by life. When effort turns to work then turns to strife.   In touch, her crown of senses– hear taste smell […]

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