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pic of pony arabian stallion for quiz energy determination
Arabian pony soon to be stallion. Is this your animal SP?

What’s your energy healing superpower? And why is it important to know?

The first question is answered after you take the quiz.

The second question is answered in a special Zoom meeting ONLY for quiz takers.

Maybe you’ll attend the online Zoom meeting explaining why this is so important on October 26.

As a thank you gift for taking the quiz, you get a free PDF explaining all of the Energy Healing SuperPowers– Prayer Warrior, Wisdom Keeper, Lightning Rod, and Heart Opener. [air, water, fire, earth]

Maybe this is your energy, as revealed by the quiz.

If you want to be trained in traditional Reiki and contemporary Energy Healing techniques, sign up for online classes at over 50% off.

In the past 48-72 hours, did you pat someone on the head or stroke their back or shoulder? Maybe you gave someone a hug with mask and gloves on and no-cheeks-touching Covid19 style. 

Maybe you just bled with sympathy for them or loved-up on yourself!

If so, you engaged in Energy Healing.  By still allowing yourself to touch you are in fact an “energy healer.” You are engaged in compassion work and trying to do right, as Akon says. 

These times are no joke, and given the OBVIOUS TO THE WORLD stress of being American, Black/African and conscious today, it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK, and not just those of you with healing hands! 

Reiki 1&2 and ENERGY HEALING 101

We can resolve social problems together by ALL of US first being aware of our greatest resource— our personal, self-healing energy.

As an energy teacher, I must tell you– your personal energy or power is actually an ENERGY HEALING SUPERPOWER. It’s inherited, and it’s worked for centuries and got us through a lot of mess!

Today, the Darker-Than-Blue community of whatever hue is demanding an expansion of this energy healing superpower to go into 2021 truly balanced and positive. This is what I hear and am responding to.

For with thee is the fountain of life; in thy light shall we see light. –Psalms 36:9

Shine your light ever more strongly. Click the flyer below to see the whole announcement for gaining skills and aptitude in energy self-health.

Email with any questions, put REIKI COURSE in the subject line. If you are ready to be trained in Reiki and Energy Healing, sign up and prepay for the best price.

flyer about next reiki classes
Email < > to register for the class and get further instructions. Put ENERGY in the subject line.

Take The Quiz to find out your Energy Healing SuperPower.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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