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When It Rains It Pours

pic of DR window view.This is not about what you think….

I marveled at the beautiful blue sky early today. Then the tufts of clouds were gorgeous as the day wore on. I find myself noticing the sky from time to time and literally grooving, feeling expansive, in love and connected to the Creator.


Then reality kicks in and I realize it’s time to meet the contractor about the roof. The job is of course worse than we expected. I’ll have to pay extra for the permit. Did I want to spend the tax return on this? Not a chance.

The tax consultant didn’t receive his check. My bank wants a hefty fee to stop it, and I have to pay or risk someone stealing his  John Doe-type identity.

The tenant who is supposed to move in two days has stuff everywhere and he decides to create drama. Granted, I too am an actor-participant in this Play from Life.


And I was prepared, because the tapping (EFT*) audio earlier this morning was about fear of future events. Who knew you could tap on that? You can do Reiki on future events, so why not?

So I tapped on one of the most foreboding renovation jobs a homeowner faces–replacing the roof. This is because it’s usually not DIY (do it yourself) — you’re at the mercy of professionals.

It’s International Women’s Day, and it occurred to me that I’ve never seen a professional FEMALE roofer. I’m sure there’s one somewhere….

No matter, this female would work with vetted guys to get this roof done! I was choosing to feel good about it and I admit — it was hard. But I couldn’t let my good weather fantasy — it won’t rain cats and dogs for at least a month– supersede common sense. Missing shingles and water-logged plywood needed attention pronto.

Also this morning, before heading out, my client asked if I ever did tapping and AFT** at the same time. Yes, I have.

The combination works very well when people are clearing themselves around what they’re up to. EFT lets them emote to their heart’s content. This often leads to intending with precision. I then add the oils to the process and voila! AFT tools kick in.

I love when heart-centered, released intentions bring about breakthroughs and progress. When it, your Higher Self, reigns, it purrs.

So how was your International Woman’s Day?

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*Emotional Freedom Technique

**Aroma Freedom Technique


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