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Blue-Black Energy, Knowingness & Spiritual Balance

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Knowingness can allow us to revisit and transform the narrative of “blackness.” Mainstream media and social media comments display a nay-saying, negative, not-knowing consciousness of positive blackness, especially as it relates to darkest-skinned people (i.e., “blacks”) AND across the board of multicultural, multi-hued humanity.

Many teachers talk about mindfulness. For me, knowingness is a step further in the conversation of the holistic health and healing of African and “darker than blue” descendants.

My premise is that our healing of individual spirit-mind-body occurs in the vast world of supremacist conditioning and oppression affecting the collective or masses. (I am not labelling this black-white on purpose.)

PLEASE KNOW THIS: The depressive and raging feelings caused by acceptance of collective pain and hopelessness, for everyone, can be transformed.

Developing the knowingness muscle is a way to learn alignment with Spirit and thereby avert depressive feelings. This is conducive to enhancing The Energy that I love experiencing, talking about and teaching people to access.

Slow down to stop when you have to, at the crossroads. Sometimes there’s only one way to go!

Krossroads Karima and Her Knowingness

I’ve identified 5 stages of knowingness based on the color blue, which in many traditional societies is a shade of black. Keep this in mind.

Let’s say Karima is at a critical crossroads in her life, and yet she presses on, because she knows she has something very important to do/be/give. We’ll say Krossroads Karima exists on the five levels of knowingness— that is, her knowing comes in five distinct and related colors:

  1. Pale blue= She has an inkling of self-knowledge. She has so many bushes, briars, fallen trees and sinkholes in her path that she just wants to get them out the way, and is almost consumed by her efforts. Because her view of her path is obstructed, she cannot see very far down the road.
  2. Sky blue= She has seen her intuition work and still bumps up against doubt and voices (or variables)that describe what could be, instead of what is. Krossroads Karima steps carefully so as not to harm herself or others. She takes time to clear away brambles (cleanse) and fill potholes or put up warning signs (secure/protect) for others to beware.
  3. Royal blue= This lady has her knowingness in the palm of her hand; cushion of her heart. She has embarked on a journey of metaphysical skill-building to be in service to others and appreciates her role despite red lights, road blocks and other obstacles giving her pause. She is learning to be with what is about her life and to more easily align with space (patience) and oneness (holistic definiteness of purpose).
  4. Indigo= This is a blue/black/purple tone that is captured after twilight and before dawn. Krossroads Karima at this level approaches every action as the dawning of new consciousness, whether knowledge-based or not. She sees an obstacle as the possibility for opportunity and a setback as movement toward breaking through to clarity and vision.
  5. Blue/Black= When Krossroads Karima has knowing/knowledge of this color, the color of night, she has aligned herself with oneness, ineffability, and the wisdom that exists beyond knowingness. Her presence is a comfort to her allies; she is formidable to her enemies. They retreat horrified and wisely decide not to engage or “play” her. They wish to become allies. 
Night sky displays many shades of blue knowingness.

Many Are Called, yada yada

The above is an elaboration of so-called secrets of “black” energy as described in my book, Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism. Now, I’ll admit, I made up this blue story; it’s actually a download.

So the above is evidence of how yours truly got inspired. (“Out of the blue” –where all things come from– is discussed in my second book Nine Principles for Loving Livinghere.)

What has surfaced after writing this, is the parallel between this colors list and the five major Stations of the Soul for spiritual balance, which are explored in my Sufi spiritual aromatherapy studies.

Major Stations for Spiritual Balancing

  1. Station of Egotism (light blue)
  2. Station of the Heart (sky blue)
  3. Station of the Soul (royal blue)
  4. Station of Divine Secrets (Ones Who Know) (indigo)
  5. Station of Nearness (blue/black)

Notice that #4, the Station of Divine Secrets (Ones Who Know), seems akin to knowingness. At this point, Krossroads Karima has made her choice and is no longer trying to make a decision. The Station of Nearness is her state of constant meditation on or fulfilled mindfulness of (dhikr) the Creator.

Few human beings attain this state, though many of us desire it. 

You may aspire to be or believe you have attained the blue/black level of knowingness. I surely did. However, like the Soul Stations with Ego at the bottom (1st) and Nearness at the top (5th), most of us are only in the first or second realm. The research says 98% of humanity is in the first two stations.

We compartmentalize insights to make sense of life’s complexities, typically “grasping for straws” while claiming we’re at peace. We are taught that we must have answers to problems. This is known as linear vs. non-linear, left-brain vs. right brain, and also known as dichotomous, either-or thinking.

One reason we do healing circles is to access the 4th state of indigo Ones Who Know and 5th state of blue-black Nearness, based on our knowingness. This approach supersedes either-or and black-white thinking.

Blackness = Knowingness = It’s All Good

As an alternative to trying to balance, control and otherwise misspend our energy, knowingness allows comprehension, things “ending well,” and infinite possibility. Knowingness captures “it’s all good.” It grounds one’s intention (niyat) and catalyzes one’s energies toward healing, manifesting and reaching goals.

Finally, we cannot ignore that each blue color of knowledge has an extreme state opposing its essence. Such states are characterized by the plethora of negative, nay-saying judgments of humanity that we need not repeat here.

Based on current events, the gaslighting qualities must be exhausted, and soon. Or, maybe not. Viral action is just that! We never know what is going to happen. 

Instead, we energy researchers can use our knowingness and skills set to exhaust these viral actions, no matter their type, and to transmute them into something beneficial for all.

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