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10/15/17 We Davids Have a Toolkit #2

10/10/17 New Book Sign-Up Page 

10/10/17 We Davids Have a Toolkit

9/12/17 Stop Fronting About Love/Men-Women/Male-Female/yin-yang

7/3/17 New Book, Film, Classes [TWO Sides of Harvest, other news]

6/21/17  TWO Sides… Mourning Stephanie Alston Nero, other news

5/29/17 Links to the Like Minded

5/17/17 Last Chance for Reiki Class

4/28/17 Healing Circle Session– I Needed This!

4/20/17 Free Report, Not Rehashed! [Nine Principles & The HealMobile]

4/12/17 YOU ARE What matters. Ask Yourself

3/31/17 How to be beyond the Internet

3/23/17 Heal Me! Press Pause. (Ever Knew You Had To Stop?)

3//2/17 Reiki Training in March — RECEIVE

2/2/17  Save Date 2/12 & Black Love Day 2/13

1/28/17 Black Love Day

1/13/17 Doubtful? Embrace ALL Aspects

1/6/17 Unlocking the 2016 Secret of Success

12/26/16 Kwanzaa Message & Unity Gift

11/19/16   I’m Not Enrolled in This Lie (quote Ta-Nehisi Coates)

11/3/16  Tonight’s Interview; Assata’s Free Spirit

10/31/16 Pan African Congress Inspiration

10/27/16 Black as A Primary Color

10/19/16 Harsh Language and Reiki

10/5/16 Oils and African Americans Reminder

9/25/16 [$] CORE Identity Issues? What’s in Your Hand?

9/9/16 Oils, Energy & African Americans

8/28/16 Robin Cannicle, Oils for Trauma Call, & More

7/15/16 Are We Liking Transformation–Final Version

7/7/16 Int’l Black Summit in Ferguson; Reiki Class Register Now

7/1/16 Relief = Reiki.  Sign Up for Class Now

6/21/16 Two Sides of Harvest and Other News

5/29/16 Links to the Like-Minded

5/17/16 Last Chance for Reiki Class

4/28/16 Healing Circle Session–I Needed This! SAVE DATE

4/20/16 Free Report, Not Rehashed

4/12/16 YOU ARE what matters. Ask Yourself

3/31/16 How to be beyond the Internet?

3/23/16 HealMe! Press Pause (ever knew you had to stop?)

3/2/16 Reiki Training in March. RECEIVE

2/1/16 Save Date 2/12 Honor Black Love Day 2/13

1/18/16 Doubtful? Embrace all aspects



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