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Conscious Healing Practitioners

Healing resources or modalities come in many forms, shapes and sizes and everyone can get what they need. For example, several members of the HealMobile Team do energy healing or Reiki.

This African hand healing method is a resource for healing either virtually or face-to-face. It is hands-on simple and practical. Ancient yet very now.

You need to understand — you are a healing vehicle, even if you haven’t been attuned to Reiki or Healing Touch, don’t do yoga or chakra work, and have never been to a dojo to learn qigong, tai chi or karate.

We become more whole when we interact with one another. Do not be daunted by what you have not sampled. Dip your toe in.

Perhaps this moment is your search catching up with your opportunity, AKA, your good luck. Here are some people to contact, with emails and websites to explore the HealMobile Team further. Be in touch with anyone listed to be referred to additional skilled holistic practitioners.

Acupuncture; Chinese Herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sports Medicine Dr. Bishara Wilson
Bliss Boxes, Reiki III practitioner, Foot Detox Ms. Sheryl Glenn
Creativity Workshops, Arts Management, Astrologer Rev. Deborah Singletary
Emotional Healing with EOs, Raindrop Technique, Organizational Development Ms. Shakira Abdul-Ali
Aroma Freedom Technique, Reiki Master Teacher, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Author, Reiki Practitioner and Clinical Dietitian
Ms. Icy Barzey-George
Essential oil usage; clinical applications All of the above.  Click here to join our team and/or purchase oils

Claim Note:

The HealMobile’s services and information are not offered to replace medical or psychological help. We do not prescribe medication and cannot diagnose the proper caring for or cure of any disease. See your doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and do share your interest in exploring the self-care techniques mentioned on this website with him or her.

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