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Love-Evolve Perspective

To heal the planet we must first heal ourselves as individuals. This requires LOVE and for each of us To Love, each of us must Evolve.

The purpose of the HealMobile is to love-evolve you to your next level of wellness, abundance, purpose, and accomplishment. 

I have evolved using an energy philosophy that I love and live by following nine principles of The Opening/Key Prayer (Q1:1).  Do you love and live by any of these?

  • 99 names
  • 10 commandments
  • 42 confessions
  • 8-fold path enlightenments
  • 12 signs
  • 20 energies
  • 7 chakras
  • 5 precepts

Maybe you have another CONNECTING-TO-UNIVERSE TECHNIQUE that works for you. You can treiki-statue-stilleach me and I can teach you. We can evolve together.

The HealMobile love-evolve-energy philosophy is available to everyone who may inquire and request the gift of my blessing.

I am blessed to have access to answered prayer, essential oils, Reiki, emotional freedom technique (meridian tapping) and other methods for which I am ever grateful. (See Services)

I have an African-love-centered mindset, which is guarded and nurtured as such.

In 2016, in collaboration with allies and supporters, I am inspired to offer a ground-breaking Webinar: Remove Slave-Master Syndrome Using Essential Oils. The first event in the series was held October 6.   

This webinar series is based on the booklet co-written with Shakira Abdul-Ali entitled, Removing Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome Using Essential Oils. (click to purchase)

Through this effort, holistic love energy from an African perspective is being applied to evolve the disabling “slave” troubles of the world. It’s high time it did.


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