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Clear & Detox

There is a difference between clearing, cleansing and detoxifying, and it has to do with proceeding from the mental to the physical to the molecular. See this recent post on cleansing.

Photo of Niamo with feathers

Photo captures a moment after giving a talk. Clearing my mind!


Clearing the mind, sometimes known as cleaning in Ho’opononono, is making its presence felt as an aspect of engaging in mindfulness.

The challenge is to relieve the mind of all the chatter, whispers, loose talk and vanities that occupy it–often stealing valuable mental real estate from your own preferred thoughts and ability to think.

The “monkey-mind” as it is known, is actually the opposite of what it says, since if we did indeed have monkey minds our lives would be far simpler. Monkeys don’t build castles in the sky, last I heard.

What people are referring to by this term is the chatter that must be quieted if we are going to be quiet, engage in stillness, and listen to ourselves and what life is really saying to us.

So to clear the mind before all else is crucial (Indigenous “prayer before all else” is a great reminder).

“All else” means the goals, objectives, material things, physical needs, career paths, schooling and training, travel and charitable goals–all of the things that you could do and take care of if you had all the time in the world and no worries about tomorrow.

Too bad you have an agenda that was there before you knew its name.  As a child, in other words, parents, guardians, teachers, friends, as well as expectations and dreams, created your To-Do list before you even knew how to write.

Others’ agenda for your life may have to be re-examined and rewritten if you find your clearing process requires it.

Clearing the mind is a benefit of REIKI, since in a session or over several sessions, your seven physical and metaphysical bodies are infused with some of the spiritual healing energy of which you are made.

As Sensei Usui, rediscoverer of REIKI, has said, When you have pure REIKI flowing through you, you cannot make a bad decision. Reiki is a great way to begin “mental clearance.”

I’d also recommend the nine principles for loving living, from my book of the same name. These principles are what I use to clear my mind. The first two principles alone* –Name and Praise, which mean exactly what you’d imagine form the centerpiece for clearing one’s mind.


The first order of business is to clear the mind to embrace the reality of one’s feet.

The foot’s relationship to the ground is underestimated. Its role as the depository of the “weight of the world on our shoulders” is unappreciated.

Clearing the mind to realize the critical importance of feet to detoxifying the body is paramount.

I offer the Phoenix Foot Bath to follow up the acceptance of the foot’s importance.

I use Vita Flex as part of the Chakra-Aura Cleansing modality (using oils as in the rain drops technique). Vita Flex is a form of reflexology that acknowledges and addresses the map of body organs and systems present in the feet. These are touched and massaged in a particular way to relieve any suffering.


The HealMobile loves nature’s living energy and is dedicated to improving lives using the earth’s best energetic techniques, such as meridian tapping, spiritual healing energy, and uncut essential oils. However, our services and information are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis or prescription, nor do we recommend treatment, caring for or cure of any disease. See a doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions, and share with him or her your interest in exploring the self-care techniques mentioned on this website.

*The other principles are Master, Unify, Serve, Ask, Receive, Push and Expand. They are based on the scripture’s Opening Prayer/The Key delivered over 1400 years ago.

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