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EFT – Tapping and Health

Not so long ago, if you discussed tapping and health in the same conversations, everyone knew you were talking about special dance moves.  

Today, EFT or tapping is becoming known as shorthand for a form of acupressure that can address many body-mind conditions. Healing can be accelerated by engaging in the tapping process.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, a potent blend of eastern and western approaches. People tap pulse points and the meridians or electrical lines on which they are located. These points are central to both acupressure and acupuncture.

Also known as meridian manipulation, tapping uses the fingers to tap on specific points on the face and body.

The tapping process begins with a set-up statement that explores the person’s feelings about the pain or thorny issue. 

The set-up and meridian tapping actions, taken together and repeated in rotation, cause the release of blockages in the normal flow of electricity traversing the body.

In this film introducing tappingpeople describe their experiences for routing out a variety of negative behaviors and health challenges. Enjoy.


My experience with EFT or Tapping — emotional comprehension was given. The redressing of old wounds, without reinstalling the emotional scar, was my initial, accomplished revelation of aligning my wavelength using Tapping. Thank you.

—K.E., Jacksonville, N.C.

(C.R. is on Active Reserve Duty in the Army) I received an email from Niamo (perfect timing) regarding an EFT Tapping session. I must say, after the second round, I began to feel more and more of a release of heaviness. The messages that Niamo shared was such confirmation of the state I was in. There was so much alignment, even down to the exact words that was present in my conversation with my spouse. This EFT tapping experience was right on time, perfect alignment and just what I needed. I intend to continue utilizing tapping in my life and even shared this with my spouse.

—C.R., Baltimore, Md.

Because of you, I have a new respect for tapping. Your response to my question regarding the importance of speaking out loud was profound for me. Thank you.

—Y.S., New York City

Working with Niamo on EFT has supported me in clearing out huge blockages in my mind and heart which have allowed me to currently be on the verge of great change in my life. Big dreams are now coming true. I am overjoyed to know that I have such a powerful tool in EFT and such an awesome support in Niamo.

—S.G., Roosevelt Island, NYC

Tapping is a simple yet profound method of intervention for acute emotional distress, chronic pain and releasing habits like smoking.

Here is a link to Margaret Lynch’s chart of tapping points (female).  This is a chart depicting “power” tapping points (male).

We offer individual and long-distance sessions on Skype or Zoom. We also offer demonstration tapping workshops for groups and organizations.

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