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Free Your Feelings Ground Rules

ground rules using energy cloudThere are Ground Rules to understand before your Free Your Feelings™ regular appointment or free trial.

Ground Rules help us to come into a change-agency process, like a classroom or workshop, fully prepared to participate, even though we don’t know what will happen.

I am sure of one thing that will happen. If you are in pain, feel drained by a job or relationship stress, or find yourself at a major crossroads, you will get some relief. Plus, we will take steps together to insure your progress is deepened, ongoing, and lasts.

If I believe this is NOT for you, I will refer you to other resources.

As part of your session, you will experience —

  • distance Reiki (universal energy hand-healing)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping on acupressure points)
  • Aroma Freedom Technique (removing blocks you’ve identified from your deep well of thought memory and mental space).

Ground Rules

  1. Be prepared to be online with me on Zoom.us, Skype, or on FaceTime if you have an iPhone. This choice can be made after your booking.
  2. This is heart-centered. Release expectations of religious, specific energy or spiritual paths, since the modalities are for anyone of any background. (See this Tapping post for more.)
  3. Allow 30 mints in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.
  4. Have one to three (1 – 3) of your favorite pure oils available for the Aromatherapy segment. Frankincense, Lavender and a relaxing blend are the best choices.
  5. Make sure you’re wearing loose clothing so when we do Tapping, you have easy access to your torso.
  6. Have a pen and paper handy to jot down a few ideas that are likely to come out of the session
  7. Be prepared to unwind and relax, and let your feelings flow. I’ll guide you in deep breathing prior to our starting.
  8. Drink a glass of water before we start AND when we’re done.
  9. You’ll be asked to provide feedback on my website or Facebook page.

Free-Trial Ground Rules Heads Up

A.  Know that the 22 minutes is a general number. Although I’ll use a timer, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be cut off in mid-sentence.

B.  The actual session has to be kept under 25 minutes. We’ll take 2-5 minutes wind-down time to review what has come up for you.

C.  There is a $1 requested contribution, because this will help to cover the time if you’d like to continue the session.

D. Here’s the real Ground Rule for free trials. Please provide feedback of your experience on my website testimonial page or Facebook.com/healmobile page.

For more, please see the Aroma Freedom page.

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