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Free Your Feelings Summary

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Don’t despair, the opportunity to free your feelings is here! 🙂

After Reiki, Free Your FeelingsTM (FYF) is the service of The HealMobile I most enjoy providing. FYF is for workers and leaders who feel drained, are in pain or recovery, and/or find themselves at a serious crossroads in life and want to get back on track and be on purpose.

Release stress and pain with Reiki-pic of woman
How I feel after Reiki and other energy tools have freed my feelings. Photo from my book, Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism

Often I point out that FYF is in service to our community of brilliant Millennials and Boomers. Millennials want to learn about their energy and how to get a grip on themselves to avoid burnout. Boomers are happy to add another method for self-development to their arsenal as they take care of parents or grandchildren, even simultaneously.

FYF uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, Tapping) and Aroma Freedom (A.F.T.) to help you identify the blockages and obstacles that stand in the way of you living your most productive and healthy life.

Free Your Feelings Process

pic of hand and Mark scripture for free your feelings
The healing hands that touch you can be your own!

  • We begin with EFT, also known as Tapping, which combines acupressure with communication and inquiry. EFT achieves results by using the fingers rather than needles on special meridian points of the body. When we do a Tapping session, you follow my lead in tapping on points of the face and body. I’ll mention key words you have already shared, describing what has you at the crossroads right now.
  • As we tap, I will prompt you to repeat after me, share what is coming up for you and ask questions so I can “give you back” your story and we can arrive at a higher level of clarity together.  
  • Aroma Freedom begins with your identification of an intention or long-standing goal. We reach this intention or goal statement through the previous Tapping. I guide you in using pure essential oils to unleash and sort through feelings associated with ingrained blocks or obstacles that prevent you from being your best or accessing your answer. 
  • Once you identify what you have allowed yourself to face and deal with, we move on to a step of affirming your results. This involves retraining your mind-body to recognize the shift in your awareness of what is now possible for your life. 
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Ongoing FYF Support

The combined FYF process is a form of self-healing and literal aroma=therapy that can yield surprising results. Several sessions may be called for, however, because the spirit-mind-body is multi-dimensional. We are intricate organic computers that artificial intelligence can only hint at.

By continuing your FYF experience, we can go deeper to embed new insights and inner-standing. Packages of 3, 6, or more sessions benefit the possibility of affordability, ease and continuity of support. Cost details here.

Join my Facebook page for a discount so I can share more FYF tools with more of you, even online. You can make an appointment through FB or through texting (201) 966-1170.

Freed feelings are fulfilled feelings!

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Rev. Niamo Nancy is an ordained minister-practitioner with a Health Directive from Lightwing Center of Denville, New Jersey. She is a spiritual direction advocate, certified energy teacher, aromatherapist, and award-winning writer with energy healing offices in Montclair and Union, New Jersey, and online at can also read more about the aromatherapy technique used in FYF. Text (201) 966-1170 for a consultation or to meet with Niamo.

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