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Life and Health Coaching

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Coaching is also for the Court of Life

Coaching can help you to do two critical things:

  • Appreciate your life path
  • Optimize your health   

These two items work hand-in-hand. No one knows everything about themselves, especially which particular stones, blocks and challenges may be stopping you from reaching your goals.


Going through a coaching process, however, means you commit to and invest in a facilitated process of change to remove what’s in the way and have a clear goal in mind.


To appreciate your life is crucial, in the two senses of the term meaning “to be or grow fond of” and in “to grow in value.”

When you have a good grasp on your life, you appreciate and like who you are and value your worthiness as a human being walking the earth. You have more self-respect and self-esteem.

Unlike a mentor, counselor or advisor, however, my role goes beyond helping you to chart goals and acknowledge progress.

I ask a lot of questions to listen for answers that are deep within you, but for whatever reason have not surfaced.

I can be tough as I guide you to track your appreciation of your awareness of the “blind spots” and “dark corners” inhibiting your progress. Yes, it is work. And it is extremely gratifying.


• Knowing who you are

• Understanding your emotions

• Tuning in to people around you

• Knowing what you want to accomplish

• Pushing yourself to set and reach goals

My own experience with coaching has yielded me these exact benefits. I don’t make ANY career or life-changing moves without consulting first with a certified life coach.

For a quick assessment to determine your needs and whether or not we can work together, Go to Facebook and message me to schedule an exploratory phone or online meeting.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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