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The Coaching Process: What To Expect

Pic of mandala

Mandala is Mirror Art by Sayy A. Pauly, life coach and author of Your Journey Into Self.


The coaching process is like a literacy campaign. You learn new words and phrases for talking about yourself and your world, and you get to consider whether certain words and phrases represent who you really are and want to be, going forward.

You are a “communicant” in the ancient sense of “a person who imparts information.”

Way back when, people with information were revered, since most were enslaved or working as serfs.

Choosing to inform/communicate with the (always) perfect words to clear yourself inside of your reality, is a humbling and empowering thing.


As your coach, I am a dedicated listener, option-advocate and vision canvas,* someone with whom you may outline, sketch out, and design the life you will love. We shall both be artists.

In addition, in the literacy campaign for your life I will serve as your thesaurus, full of synonyms and antonyms to help us both listen more deeply to what is going on with you.

We’ll begin with your decision to choose a project or personal goal. I can help you to clarify what this might be, if it is still a bit cloudy.

A project may consist of you preparing yourself for a major life change or managing a job, relationship, or location change.  A personal goal may be concerned with:

  • health or fitness
  • writing a paper or book
  • organizing a major event

A “goal” or “project” may overlap. Not to worry — whatever you feel most comfortable with will initiate how we speak about (set the new vocabulary for) our “campaign.”


Our purpose will be to qualify and quantify the issue so we can set markers for gradual change from the present condition to the desired condition. Here are two questions I may ask:

Are you noticing a pattern in how your actions/reactions result in outcomes you really don’t want?

Have you explored with your employer/loved one your feelings about how the job/relationship has changed?

These and other questions will help us to “unpeel the onion” and achieve clarity and success. With truthful and rich answers to all of our mutually-generated questions, your coaching will be successful.

Give it a minimum of one month to a year of coaching, depending on your agenda and goals.

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–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*Link goes to Rev. Deborah Singletary, “Vision Carrier” who can also help you to design an extraordinary life using her special tools of art creation, astrology, and spiritual awareness.

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