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Prices & Service Details

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Do you find yourself at a Crossroads?

I am pleased and blessed to offer compassionate, energetic support for your hard-to-make- or stick-to-it decision. After years of transmuting “no support” into funding for various projects as a professional fundraiser, I now turn my skills into a gift of support for whatever may be facing you.

Let’s turn “no way” into “I AM the Way.”

I am not a doctor of medicine, letters or law, but I am a blessed soul and call myself a metaphysician. I am open to miracles and trust the Light of Possibility, AKA Creator God TheOne. 

With my help, I can promise you will see progress in your efforts to:  

  • Break through your limitations
  • Realign with your purpose
  • Master change-agency skills
  • Transform the groups you influence

Here are my Suggested Prices for the time we spend together, heart-to-heart: 

(For Reiki, EFT,  AFT,  Free Your Feelings™) 

1. 60 minutes, $90; 30 minutes, $55

2. Online Sessions,* $45 [EFT, AFT, FYF] paid in advance

3. Distance/Remote Reiki Sessions, $25

3. Three (3) Session Package deal, 45-60 mins, $245 prepaid. See special on Facebook HealMobile page.

4. 60-90 min. Reiki Aura-Chakra Cleansing (Raindrop) Session,** $175

*Online sessions include “Free Your Feelings“™(FYF). More about AFT used for FYF here. 

  •  I am blessed with intuitive counseling skills and presence Reiki, universal life force healing energy, for all services. You get excellent value for your energy-exchange (money).
  •     SKYPE/ZOOM:
    • Skype address soulsays, or Niamo Nancy Muid
    • Zoom.us link will be sent. (Add $10 for audio recording.
  •     Distance/Remote sessions are 10-20-minute pain and stress reduction sessions.

**In-person Aura/Chakra Cleansing (Raindrop) sessions combine the tranquility of Reiki with the therapeutic oils and Northern Lights wisdom  system known as Raindrop.

See this page for details. Click my research site for more about the oils. Text  (201) 966-1170 to inquire about scheduling a Raindrop session. 


My time as The HealMobile is pretty flexible. Select a meeting time that suits you with at least 24-48 hours lead time. 

Location Information 

  • THE SANCTUARY in Union, 2167 Kay Avenue, New Jersey 07083  
  • FLOWERS HEALING ARTS & SKG, 460 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ 07042    (Mon & Wed only).
  • BOOK APPT. HERE (onsite or online)
  • EXTRA: If you want me to visit you, I need additional time and travel money. Please add $15 for locations beyond 20 miles from Union, NJ 07083 OR Montclair 07024, especially outer boroughs of New York City and NY State. Of course if you’re in another state entirely we’ll discuss separately (201) 966-1170.

Additional Details

  1. No one is turned away from service. Discounts for seniors, students, veterans and the unemployed.  
  2. Prepaid services qualify for a gift (ebook or bio-energy reading).  Ask for it!
  3. Schedule an appointment or text your availability & email to (201) 966-1170.  Include name and details.
  4. Ask for my Reiki Q&A information sheet (PDF) before your visit. I’ll email or text it to you.
  5. Three or more people constitute a class, and we can discuss that possibility separately.
  6. I can also speak to your group or company about energy, essential oils, and more. Ask for my One Sheet.


Visit the Reiki Healing page.

Visit the Free Your Feelings page and FYF Ground Rules.

Visit the HealMobile blog or use Search below to find articles and posts about holistic health, energy, oils, love, and healing Thyself! 

JOIN and LIKE my Facebook HealMobile page for discounts on prices listed. I can offer a discount in the form of a rebate. Let’s talk. Text: (201) 966-1170

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