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Prices & Service Details

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Do You Find Yourself At A Crossroads?

If so, I am available to offer compassionate, energetic support for your hard-to-make or stick-to-it decision. After years of turning “no support” into funding for various projects as a professional fundraiser, I’ve been assigned to transmute my skills into a gift of support to help you face whatever may be facing you.

Suggested Prices For Our Time Together 

1. In-Person, 60 minutes, $90; 30 minutes, $55. Includes Reiki, Aroma=Therapy, EFT Tapping, and the combined Free Your Feelings™ personalized approach. $5 discount for prepaying.

2.  3-Session Package, In-Person, 45-60 mins, $230 prepaid

3. All Online Sessions,* 50-60 mins, $40 paid in advance. $49 after the session. Must have your own pure oils ready for your remote session of aroma=therapy, Aroma Freedom or Free Your Feelings.

4. Distance / Remote Reiki only Sessions, 20 mins, $25

5. Reiki-Aura-Chakra Cleansing, 90 mins,  $175. In-person sessions combine Reiki tranquility with therapeutic oils and the Northern Lights Native American-inspired wisdom system known as Raindrop. You must text  (201) 966-1170 to schedule a Raindrop session. 

Applying Reiki (energy) to a receiver’s forehead.

*FaceTime, Skype or Zoom

  • Skype address is soulsays, or Niamo Nancy Muid
  • Zoom.us link will be sent upon scheduling your appointment. (Add $10 if you want the audio recording.
  • For FaceTime, please use a large screen, an iPad or tablet for best results. Smartphone may be too small.

Turn “no way” and “this is the wrong way” into “I AM The Way”

We may find out where you are in your own way. I am not a doctor of medicine, letters or law, but I am a blessed soul, open to miracles, who trusts the Light of Possibility that always shows The Way (that is, the Creator God TheOne). 

I am committed to helping you see progress as you 

  • Break through limitations, that is, the wrong signals, obstacles, and roadblocks at your crossroads
  • Realign with your purpose; ID the path or get back on your path
  • Master change-agency skills for supreme self-care
  • Transform the groups you influence by dint of your own transformation

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EFT Tapping in progress


Additional Details

  1. No one is turned away from service. Ask for discounts for seniors, students, veterans and the unemployed.  
  2. For appointments, 24 hours lead time is okay, 48 hours is better. My calendar is currently set up to automatically book meetings.
  3. Alternatively, text your name, availability, type of service wanted and email to (201) 966-1170. 
  4. Prepayment qualifies for a gift (e.g., ebook or energy reading). Ask for it!
  5. Read The HealMobile Is For page to determine if you’re a good fit for the services I offer. 
  6. If desired, ask for the Reiki Q&A information sheet (PDF).
  7. Three or more people constitute a class, and we can discuss that possibility separately on a consultation call.
  8. I can also speak to your group or company about energy, essential oils, and more. Ask for my One Sheet.
  9. Generally, I serve the tri-state area of NYC.  I may need travel funds beyond 30 miles from Union, NJ 07083. Estimate $15 extra. Consider pulling a group together!

Please note: Reiki, the universal, life force, spiritual healing energy that constitutes an energy massage, “is presenced” during all services. You get excellent value for your energy exchange (money). I am blessed with intuitive healing and counseling skills and I give thanks.


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Visit the HealMobile blog or use Search to find articles and posts about holistic health, energy, oils, love, and healing Thyself! 

Visit the essential oils research and recommendations website.

JOIN and LIKE my Facebook HealMobile page for discounts on prices listed. Discounts are in the form of a rebate. Let’s talk. Text: (201) 966-1170

Rev. Niamo Nancy is an ordained minister-practitioner with a Health Directive from Lightwing Center of Denville, New Jersey. She is a spiritual direction advocate, certified energy teacher, aromatherapist, and award-winning writer with energy healing offices in Montclair and Union, New Jersey. She is online at Facebook.com/healmobile, Twitter: @healmobile, LinkedIn: Niamo Nancy Muid, and IG: healmobileYou can also read more about the aromatherapy technique used in FYF. Make an appointment for a consultation or to meet with Niamo.

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