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    The Sanctuary in Union, New Jersey, is open for you to experience Reiki, Healing Touch, Rainbow Healing, Anointing and more. The HealMobile is also powered to come to you....

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    Feel the Best Ever

    I Want to Feel My Best with You. For therapeutic good health that is long-lasting and keeps on giving, visit me or talk to me soon.

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    Breathe Deep

    Rainbow Healing Systems have their genesis in nature. Northern lights replenish devitalized energy levels and are replicated in several healing modalities.

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    Aromatics, essences, floral waters, perfumes, scents. Diffuse oils and enjoy the life-force of greenery.

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    The earliest distillers, among them Ibn Sina (Avicenna)--known to be the first distiller of rose oil--perceived their art as part of the tradition of alchemy, "turning base matter into gold."

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In Motion? Might As Well Be Healthy & Healing!

Tired of feeling sick & tired? G-L-I-D-E past pain & worry on your HealMobile ride

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    5 Facts Revolutionizing The MENSES!

    Are you in the right place at the right time? If you can hear/see/feel the new opportunity described below, then you will be with […]

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    Grow and Balance

    This post is for holistic folks who don’t need any training in the natural way of life, have your energetic […]

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    Special Delivery — HealMobile for You

    What if your personal transformation felt like a ride in a Rolls Royce?
    As the HealMobile I want to bring healing […]

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    Why Sage (Oil) Is Significant

    Garden sage is easy to grow and is beneficial, fresh or dried.
    Sage is a very old remedy for an assortment of physical […]

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    3 Freedoms for Friday

    Eagle posterart courtesy touchn2btouched.tumblr.com
    Friday the 13th 
    I’m aware today is NOT the 13th, however, the thought came that people rejoice and […]

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    Transformative Talk

    Rev. Henrietta Byrd, Chicago
    Sacred Communications, A Forty Day Journey Within is an ongoing workshop led by Rev. Henrietta Byrd of […]

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    5 Wishes = ONE INTENTION

    1.  On this day of my mother’s transition to the nonphysical two years ago, I wish for every reader a loving […]

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    Men&Money Thoughts

    Men&Money, as depicted on aptly named Mt. Rushmore (Keystone, S. Dakota) on aptly occurring (Dead) President’s Day — today! (Stunning […]

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    Chocolate Heals Poem

    Courtesy Chocology.com
    it is wondrous to be 6+3=9 and discover chocolate.
    there was a time i did not eat the stuff.
    it was […]

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    35 Crystals By Request

    A reader wondered about the lack of any information about crystals on this site. The previous website had posts about crystals, but […]

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    How To Remind Yourself To Be Aware!

    Note first the difference between BEWARE and Be Aware. Fear-mongering is for the fearful. When you are healthy in body-mind-spirt, […]

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    FAQ Do you have an oil for…?

    Bay leaves
    Folks, please try to stop asking this question. Essential oils are like foods, and each one, just like the […]

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    7 STOP/GO Signs for Best Caregiving of Elders

    My mother in wheelchair with younger sister Aunt Evey, who passed seven years before her, on a cruise docked in Greece.
    Mother and me […]

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    Creativity and Health

    The late Steven Jobs could have used pure frankincense, geranium, or orange essential oil, but his company, Apple, might not […]

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    Therapeutic Tuesday


    These are the 7  essential oil blends of the Infusion kit by Young Living Essential Oils. Created by the “Oola […]

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    Divine Feminine Products Flyer

    You can get a PDF or JPEG version of this flyer explaining the value and cost of women’s products made […]

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    8 Tips For Womanly Peace

    Smelling lavender in a lavender field.
    What is womanly peace? The kind that doesn’t get rattled because of the behaviors of […]

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    Being deeply loved gives you strength. Loving deeply gives you courage.  
    –Lao Tzu

    Purple shamrock aka Love Plant
    I AM


    The story behind […]

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    5 Biggest Lies About YOU

    One of many ways to face lies we tell ourselves, offered by HealMobile Team member Sayy W. Pauly

    “It is what […]

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