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    The Sanctuary in Union, New Jersey, is open for you to experience Reiki, Healing Touch, Rainbow Healing, Anointing and more. The HealMobile is also powered to come to you....

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    Heavenly & Worthy

    There are many ways to downshift the excess weight--be it of buried emotions or highly visible pounds. Get 8 ways to change w/o food, surgery or exercise.

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    Feel the Best Ever

    I Want to Feel My Best with You. For therapeutic good health that is long-lasting and keeps on giving, visit me or talk to me soon.

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    Breathe Deep

    Rainbow Healing Systems have their genesis in nature. Northern lights replenish devitalized energy levels and are replicated in several healing modalities.

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    Aromatics, essences, floral waters, perfumes, scents. Diffuse oils and enjoy the life-force of greenery.

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    The earliest distillers, among them Ibn Sina (Avicenna)--known to be the first distiller of rose oil--perceived their art as part of the tradition of alchemy, "turning base matter into gold."

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We're In Motion. We Might As Well Be Healthy & Healing

Tired of feeling sick and tired? G-L-I-D-E past pain and worry on your HealMobile ride

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    The Most Beloved Scent In The World

    After fresh air, it’s vanilla. You may recall your grandma making cakes out of the box or  from scratch, and the […]

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    5 Top Ways To Know and GLOW Your Self

    Oprah Winfrey’s Horoscope Chart
    Healthy people observe themselves, and take note as their needs change over time. They take self-healing initiatives to understand what […]

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    Staying Home for Once–2 Recipes

    When blues skies are orange and dark
    and the prison of life is not the vote but the gravity
    this is when i […]

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    Focus on What’s Missing — Essenti

    Six-sided Miirror Art Design by HealMobile Team member Sayy Pauly
    The focus today is The Missing Link that essential oils (EOs)are […]

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    A Different Kind of Freedom

    French cancan dancers
    There may be some pointers on how to BE FREE –the technique of it– but I haven’t come across […]

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    The Healthy Praise Technique

    Deborah Singletary with one of her word wands. Visit her at http://VisionCarriers.com for comforting praise words, services and special art classes. 
    I want […]

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    The Healing of Commitment

    The late Dr. S. Patois DeSandies, mother of the groom, at a family reunion
    Marriage is one thing, commitment is another […]

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    Eat Wisely

    Photograph by Nancy Jo Iacoi
    EAT WISELY (aftermath ideas below)
    “All the mandatory big meals between Thanksgiving and Christmas can leave you […]

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    Thanks and Healing

    Démien and Roxy (Rodriguez) DeSandies
    Thank you, healing family. Thank you, healing spirit-mind-body! As we all heal and say our thank-yous, the USA […]

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    6 Favorite Oil Blends

    These are the carrier oils you can blend the blends with! Unrefined, raw, cold-pressed is best. Image courtesy readingsbylori.com
    I stand […]

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