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    The Sanctuary in Union, New Jersey, is open for you to experience Reiki, Healing Touch, Rainbow Healing, Anointing and more. The HealMobile is also powered to come to you....

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    Feel the Best Ever

    I Want to Feel My Best with You. For therapeutic good health that is long-lasting and keeps on giving, visit me or talk to me soon.

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    Breathe Deep

    Rainbow Healing Systems have their genesis in nature. Northern lights replenish devitalized energy levels and are replicated in several healing modalities.

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    Aromatics, essences, floral waters, perfumes, scents. Diffuse oils and enjoy the life-force of greenery.

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    The earliest distillers, among them Ibn Sina (Avicenna)--known to be the first distiller of rose oil--perceived their art as part of the tradition of alchemy, "turning base matter into gold."

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We're In Motion! We Might As Well Be Healthy & Healing!

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    11 Ways to Unlearn WORRY

    1.Learn what worry really is to YOU. Is it:

    HOW something will get done
    HOW something will turn out
    HOW someone will react
    HOW to […]

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    12 Citrus Oils You Must Have

    Below are brief descriptions of the aromatic properties of each of the citrus oils. Each oil also offers some benefit […]

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    2017 Acknowledgment – Announcement

    In this first month of the New Year, I’m grateful for the growth I see behind me and the growth I […]

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    Gary Young’s Message

    I took this photo of Gary and Mary Young and their children dressed as Arabs as part of a frankincense-focussed convention […]

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    Fasting, Cleansing & Oils

    Continuing our discussion of juice fasting yesterday, and the inspiring Aris LaTham video, I felt we should also look at the difference […]

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    Teaming Up With Nature

    A tree-enclosed bungalow in upstate New York.
    Facebook is a fount of information which can enlighten and unburden you, if you […]

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    5 Signs You Need A January Oil-Change

    & Lifestyle Changes You MUST Make For A Powerful 2017
    David Avocado Wolfe suggests you detox ASAP if you have depression, insomnia, lethargy, indigestion, […]

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    Your 7 Perfect Senses

    Last Day of KWANZAA:
    Habari Gani? — IMANI — (Faith) Habarigani!
    It makes sense — the perfection of you is your perfect senses. They […]

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    Did I Do?

    If the Stevie Wonder’s Do I Do video isn’t visible, please visit: https://youtu.be/c6f6BOKXXxg

    Kuumba Salutation to 2016 inspired by Do I […]

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    Nia Means Purpose

    Mirror Art Design by Sayy W. Pauly
    “To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore […]

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    FAQ Money Consciousness

    According to Feng Shui masters, the Money Tree or Pachira is thought to bring good fortune and luck to those […]

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    Healthy Work Consciousness

    Habari Gani?! Ujima! Habarigani
    What’s the news? Collective Work and Responsibility! That’s the news!
    It’s the third day of Kwanzaa and the […]

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