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Booklets and Ebooks Available


Excerpt from the Booklet

ptss-booklet-cover Removing Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Using Essential Oils
by Niamo N. Muid and Shakira Abdul-Ali

This is a booklet that is not yet formatted as a classic Ebook. It is handy at 5″ x 8″ and describes the social benefits of using essential oils.

It’s the result of the authors’ 10 years of experience using pure oils with their families and others interested in alternative modes of optimizing health.

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1. Lists essential oils needed to combat different types of stressors–personal, community, economic and financial

2. Expands the cultural competency conversation

3. Deepens understanding of the effects of social harms

4. Contributes to the self-help arsenal of community-based organizations

5. Aids diversity managers in articulating the issues

6. Suggests holistic approaches for unproductive work, school or play behavior

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Electronic books (Ebooks) are a great aid in healing ourselves. They represent an up-level in the three R’s of being educated and literate — reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic.


What’s occurring now is similar to what happened when the first libraries proliferated and then spread across the country as brick-and-mortar institutions. Andrew Carnegie started the first libraries in Pennsylvania, in the early 20th century.

Due to the advanced technology we have today, libraries–both as buildings and in cyberspace–are at nearly everyone’s fingertips.


Ebooks with packaged “content” are worthless and waste your time. When you read the well-written gems, however,  you never forget their message.

All books truly have the power to change minds. The gift of being able to read words, signs, symbols, body-language, nature, etc., and take action because your mind and understanding has been expanded, is a treasure beyond words.

Do not take your ability to read for granted. Some regions in the world still bar women and girls from the gift of reading and overall literacy.

I invite you to download and read the Ebooks offered here, and please leave your feedback and comments about what you’ve read on this site (see below).


Acres of Diamonds is a free PDF version of a motivational classic. It is always recommended reading for people who work in direct sales. This book flew through the ranks during the rise of Amway in 1960s and 70s (I was an Amway rep at the time). Its core principle is still applicable to anyone who wishes to succeed socially and financially.

This book and the rich-inner-self kinds of books that are now very common are making their way onto on high school or even middle school booklists. For one thing, Acres helps you to communicate creatively in the English language. For another, it gives you hope for the possibility of attaining any goal or intention.

The author was the founder of Temple University. Here is an exhortation from him, provided in a speech to listeners he perceived as lacking confidence and vision:

“He who can give to this city better streets and better sidewalks,
better schools and more colleges, more happiness and more civilization,
more of God, he will be great anywhere. Let every man or woman here, if
you never hear me again, remember this, that if you wish to be great at
all, you must begin where you are and what you are, in Philadelphia, now.”

Great quote. It is from the same page as Garvey’s “Up you might race, you can accomplish what you will!” And Martin Luther King’s “best street-sweeper” speech. Perhaps the latter was inspired by the book.

The Catalogue of Economic Plants revisits the 1890s. It is an historical account of agricultural and mercantile plants and substances noted by a worker for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As such, The Catalogue is fascinating reading because of the writer’s cultural and social perspectives as well as the medical and home health care practices that he  reveals while expounding on the uses of the plants. Some well known and less well known plants with their folk names are included in this compilation.

The Book of Archangel Michael is a channeled PDF message. Its author says she wrote everything she “heard.” Its all the truth based on universal laws. Like the entity known as Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks), this messenger is a “we” and shares her version of universal laws from the Christian perspective.