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Energy Service is the Seventh Sense

The HealMobile is headed towards a World of Spiritual Energy Service. As the HealMobile Driver, energy IS my seventh sense.

Despite being almost overused, energy is a catchall word meaning infinitesimal vibration, frequency and/or the undulating wave found powerfully operating in nature, music and the body.

There are said to be seven major energy centers of the body, commonly known as chakras. These major centers are generally associated with various organs and body systems.

They are also associated invisible patterns of matter that move, stimulate, influence and in other ways affect human beings and all of life. The Chinese call this qi, pronounced “chi.” The Japanese call it ki. (Hence, rei-ki.)

Since the seventh chakra is at the top or crown of the head, the energy that is associated with it is a concern of the crown — the connection to spirit. (This is why Reiki is central to HealMobile services.)

Bear in mind these are concepts of how the energy works, and not the only way it works. The HealMobile offers seven areas of service and they align with the chakras this way:

  1. Reiki. [crown]
  2. Essential Oils including Aroma Freedom Technique. [first eye]
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique AKA Tapping. [throat]
  4. Clearing and Detoxifying. [heart]
  5. Foot Detox. [solar plexus]
  6. Chakra-Aura Cleansing. [sacral/general]
  7. Coaching. [root]

The sanctuary awaits And I do drive-by house calls. I can provide an overview of my services in a brief chat, so schedule anytime.