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    ONLINE! Awaken from the nightmare. Build self-healing power through Reiki, Aroma Freedom & Tapping (EFT) offered by God's grace aided by Rev. Niamo. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime.

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Your Best Direction. Your True Self.

SEEKERS and LEADERS at a crossroads--GET REAL with yourself and your relationships. Get an energy and oil tune-up to detoxify your stalled "moving vehicle of spirit" (healmobile). ENERGY HEALING tools such as Reiki, Aroma Freedom and Meridian Tapping (EFT) can increase energy, improve holistic health, and sharpen instincts you'll need on your voyage. Appointments in NYC region & online. Choose a time to chat or meet-->

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Tired = Low Frequency

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How Are You REALLY Feeling?

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Now it's time to learn how to really take care of yourself.

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    REACH for Forgiveness Using Mindset & En

    Forgiveness can help something new to grow.
    Harvard University promotes increasing forgiveness to better manage your mood and memories. Their health […]

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    Curse ‘Em Out–One Way To Release

    Uses of A Curse: A woman was having a hard time and shared every thorn and dagger of it […]

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    LOVE Doing Good

    I love doing many things, and doing good things has me feeling fantastic. Each thing I do gives me a […]

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    Your 7 Womb Ways, And Why They Matter

    There are seven (7) womb ways or womanly ways that men also exhibit, which are keys to your grasp of […]

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    Breast Protection — Choose Infrared Ima

    I’ve just been imaged! Infrared Breast Imaging is a unique, non-invasive procedure that significantly improves your chances of early detection […]

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    Ancient Gift Supported by Modern Science

    Foot Vita-Flex – Another Form of Ancient Reflexology (YLEO products indicated)
    It caught my eye — a brochure about the “ancient gift” […]


"I absolutely love this site!! Niamo Muid’s insights and teachings are brilliant and refreshing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and unique perspectives to provide powerful solutions." Blessings. —Carol E., Washington

Life's Crossroads Require Sure Direction. Get Personalized Energy and Oils Instruction, Spiritual Mentoring, Aromatherapy, and Meta Readings With The HealMobile ONLINE or VIA PHONE. BREATHE & MOVE FORWARD.

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