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8 Signs You Love Yourself!


Danielle’s love-yourself video contains only 5 signs. (Continue reading then click to watch her video.)


5 Signs That You Love Yourself

The list includes the regular stuff, Just Say No, Enjoy Your Aloneness, that sort of thing. Sometimes we need reminding that we don’t live in a box.

I’ve adding three more to her piece. Here are my additions to signs you love yourself:

#6 — You take a trip out of the country on a whim, and are the better for it. (I did this, which is why I didn’t post as often recently.)

#7 — You refuse to be stressed by inattention to social media, because, after all, you have a life anyway and it is not only in cyberspace.

#8 — You laugh at yourself! And can smile at yourself for no good reason at all.

delighting in mother's company --'love yourself'So there you have another HealMobile installment of one of the many ways to maintain above the line health. Love thyself!

The photo features my now-in-spirit mother and I at a mother’s day celebration years ago. My mother was priceless, and as I reflect on loving myself, I can only laugh at the hoot she was and how she made me laugh. This photo captures a moment of us loving ourselves.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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