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FINDING YOUR DIRECTION. The HealMobile’s work is to help those of you (and your families) who are at a crossroads — in pain, recovery, feeling drained, bowled over or confronted — to be real with your “global positioning,” embrace your birthright and magnify your soul’s genius. Your soul knows where you are going! (Jump to Covid19 prices here.)


NORTH. Spiritual Health assessment — this is a metaphysical map of your world using at least three ethnocultural wisdom approaches. Your date of birth and name reveal The Number You Are in this vast universe. Your numbers’ meanings have been interpreted through mystical schools since antiquity, and today, using this knowledge is imperative. Go beyond meaning and significance and the inevitable surprise that reveals truths only your soul knows. In your spiritual assessment, I evaluate special Mayan, Chinese, and Hindu astrological indicators as keys to where you are now, spiritually, and where you may choose to go next. (You are formidable, Harriet! I hear ancestors saying…)   Cost: $80

SOUTH. Energy training — learn to identify your natural-born gifts and use them wisely. Course includes my book, Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism. I can provide a one-on-one course at my home office or I can come to you. However, do not be surprised if feng shui suggestions are part of the training at your residence. Reiki encompasses how you live as well as how you feel and emanate health-wise. Cost: Reiki 1&2 $400

EAST. Naming and Proclaiming — owning your sight, vision, perspective, being-ness. Who you are as a name and proclaiming it with gusto gives a level of freedom and joy most cannot imagine. Based on my book, Nine Principles for Loving Living, this Compass Direction takes the Name and Praise principles and shows you how to get past current challenges and roadblocks based simply on your name. Entails an interview via phone or webcam and includes Reiki energy. Cost: $90

WEST. Scribing your Life — reading and writing for the horizon. This is a professional communications service for small business people designed to help present you to the world. Your biographical sketch, advertisement, backgrounder, About Page, fact sheet/one-pager and article byline has to be written by someone who can express your inner energy, genius and contribution to life with aplomb. That would be me. Copywriting for your new website can be arranged. Cost: all six items, approx. $800 with limitations; per project pricing also available.

CENTER. Engagement— Vertical/horizontal presentations for in-service and group work. Vertical contributions elevate the economic stature of family and community. Horizontal contributions include volunteering, hosting, and cultural events. “The Imperative of Oneness” workshop explores the vertical and horizontal supports for a new, shifted global conversation. “Free Your Feelings” is an experiential workshop on essential oils, spiritual energy technology and how oils can change limiting beliefs so they never arise again. 90-minute workshops of 10 or more begin at $495. Click my AdvisoryCloud page for other options.

Basic service prices for Reiki, Aroma Freedom, and EFT-Tapping are on this page.

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